Thursday, March 24, 2011

Confessions of a Not-So-Super Mom


Every mom feels a little bit better when she realizes that there are other not-so-perfect moms out there. So here is my confession of the day:

Sometimes Little One cries when she sees me heading toward the computer. Sad, huh? She knows as soon as I hit the computer, she suddenly gets less than 100% of my attention. You people gotta stop coming up with so many amazing ideas that I feel like I can’t live without.

It is so hard to balance being a mommy, keeping house, feeding your family, and still feel like you accomplish some of the things that YOU want to do. I don’t know how working moms, and especially single moms do it. Props to you.

Sometimes I need to step back and remember what is most important, and that is this sweet little face: 2011 1-23 Shayla bday cake 36 copy

She’s not going to be this little much longer. My projects will eventually get done...they just take a whole lot more time than I ever think they will. So be patient with me when I slack. I’m putting the Little One first. :)

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