Thursday, March 17, 2011


I thought I’d take a few minutes and tell you a little bit about myself. A little over a year ago, my husband and I welcomed this precious little girl into our lives. IMG_0701

I quit my job as a massage therapist at a physical therapy clinic, and became a full time mommy. In between (and often during) the many hours spent feeding a newborn, I discovered the world of blogging.

Oh, I had seen blogs of friends & family, but I had yet to realize how much I could learn and be inspired by all of the blogs out there. I found a couple favorite blogs, and spent hours catching up on every. single. post. Hours I tell you.

My very favorites were the decorating and crafty type blogs, but we had already maxed out any and all space/storage room in the house. So, even though the wheels were spinning about all the cool things I could do to my home, they had to be put on hold until we knew where we were going to be living long term. Lucky for me, we soon began searching for a new home. After several months of searching, and then months of trying to close due to some serious issues with the mortgage company, we finally moved into our home sweet home.

Since then, we have spent hours and hours, and more money than we would like to think about, trying to make our home “ours.”

Here I will share with you the adventures of turning a house into a home. The adventures of a mom who is learning how to deal with an independent little girl. The adventures of a woman who wants to learn and be good at everything, but hardly comes close.

It’s a good life. There’s a lot to learn, a lot to do, and not enough time.  Welcome to this piece of my life.

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